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About WaruMC

We provide a wide range of health and safety management services to various clients to guard against risk, ensure and improve the safety and security of employees and visitors at the workplace, and thus make certain that your organisation is compliant with the necessary health and safety laws and regulations.

Simply put, we bear the health and safety regulatory compliance burden for you, so you can focus on your core business.

When you engage our services, we thoroughly assess, identify and understand your specific health and safety needs and requirements, and then design and deliver the best and most cost-effect solutions for your safety, benefits and profits. Our auditing, assessment and measures have won great plaudits from various UK regulatory authorities, making our clients feel on top of the world …well, on top of health and safety compliance.

You too can benefit from our much-talked-about services and be on top of health and safety compliance at the least cost, but with the most benefits for your organisation.

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Our Approach

We have a time-tested, ‘get-it-right-the- first-time’ approach to delivering health, safety and building facility management. We get the right procedures and practices in place from the outset, and then monitor them keenly and regularly to ensure that they are being carried out and up to date. Poor health and safety management leads to avoidable illness and accidents, and thus significant human and financial costs for your business. But best and effective health and safety management such as we provide can help your business achieve great cost and efficiency savings and also improve your reputation with customers, regulators and your own employees.


As consultants:

  • We place great emphasis on what the owner of the business actually wants.
  • We offer hands-on, practical, cost effective solutions to health, safety and facilities management.
  • We serve you with unique & tailor- made attention that your effective & productive compliance with health & safety legislation & regulations.
  • We don't do 'one-size fits all' health and safety management.
  • We aim to deliver a service that gives you ZERO CONCERN about health and safety issues, so you can focus on the business of doing business.
  • We are too happy to do what we do best for you.
  • While our services aim to deliver the highest standards of quality, they are also affordable.